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"Dr. Prasada has always been very good at explaining everything to me. His professional personality is awesome."

"Dr. Prasada seems to be a very kind and caring man. He explains things thoroughly, encourages questions, and listens carefully. I feel that he is giving me the best care possible and I feel very blessed to have such a great doctor."

"I love Dr. Thakkar’s detailed care and compassion. He was very attentive and provided fast, thorough and compassionate care. I would recommend him highly."

"Phyllis Hayes was very kind and attentive to my needs. She answered all my questions and made me feel good about the care I was receiving."

"I saw Terri Miller earlier this year. She was very kind, courteous, and professional. I had the chance to see another NP, but chose to see Ms. Miller this year because of the great experience I had with her last year. She is very easy to talk to, easy to understand, and doesn’t rush, which I have always found to be important. I would definitely choose to see her again if given the choice."

"Dr. Suchniak provided excellent communications and details on my issue and provided a great road map on the steps to follow."

"Two areas of concern were noted and dealt with during this routine visit instead of being rescheduled for another visit. I really like this efficiency of my time and theirs. Dr. Suchniak’s practice is top notch!"

"Dr. Poonuru was excellent and my wait time was short. I really think she did a thorough exam."

"Dr. Poonuru treated me with respect and courtesy."

"Pleased with care from Dr. Poonuru. Nurses are professional and Dr. Poonuru listens."

"Dr. Chaudhary was very thorough and listened and gave answers to the questions I had."

"Dr. Chaudhary was in full agreement with my current medical care and offered solutions for my future needs. I will recommend him to others."

"I was so impressed with everyone in Dr. Chaudhary’s office along with him. He was very informative."

"It is great to have a good Rheumatologist like Dr. Chaudhary back in Rocky Mount."

Updated 4/2018

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